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American Tournaments - "Pink"event 20th October 2019!

The American tournaments are held on the last Sunday of the month from April to September, with a special event in October (see below). These are fun tournaments for players of all standards and ages and there is usually food and refreshments available. Some of the best egg sandwiches in Essex are to be found at these events!


The tournament consists of a series of doubles matches, played with different partners and opponents. Each match usually comprises six games. Depending on the numbers attending, four or five rounds of matches are played in an afternoon.  Each game won scores a point. The winner is the person with the highest aggregate points throughout the afternoon.


There is a monthly prize for the highest scores on the day and the "American Cup", now redesignated as The Ellen Gormley Cup, is awarded to the player with the highest aggregate score over the season.


The ‘Pink' tournament is the last American tournament of the year, usually in the third week of October.  Players are invited to dress in pink and there’s a prize for the ‘pinkest person’.  The proceeds from the afternoon go to the "Wear It Pink" breast cancer research charity.

In 2018, we collected by far the highest amount ever - £220.

Around £1,406 has been donated since we started this event in 2007.


37 different players attended the events throughout 2018.  Nick Hilder topped the leader board with 46 games won, with Clare Wheeler second on 39.  It was agreed to present Clare with the Ellen Gormley Cup.  Liz Wyatt received the prize for being the "Pinkest Person".


2019 schedule and full details of scores can be found below.


Help is needed to organise games at the American events!  Contact a Committee member if you are able to volunteer.


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